President Barack Obama in 2015

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cheap oakleys Its shares jumped 2.72 per cent, or $1.70, to close at $64.24 on the TSX. President Barack Obama in 2015.Although the news sent the energy sector higher replica oakleys, portfolio manager Craig Jerusalim noted there are still many obstacles to cross before the project gets the final go ahead.”It’s not smooth sailing from an executive order to pipes going into the ground,” said Jerusalim, who works at CIBC Asset Management. He’s warned of a “substantial border tax” on companies that move manufacturing out of the country and promised tax advantages to those that produce domestically.Jerusalim says investors have been buoyed by promises made by Trump during his campaign, and now they are awaiting to see if he actually follows through on them.”A lot of what Trump is trying to do is jobs related, whether he’s talking about these free trade deals or trying to bring jobs back onshore that moved offshore cheap oakleys.


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